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The Seafarers Center is an ecumenical ministry of hospitality for seafarers visiting the Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. The Seafarers Center has served seafarers for more than 50 years. We exist because of the support of church bodies and congregations along with individuals and port businesses who are concerned about the wellbeing of those who have chosen the seas as their livelihood.

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Your financial support makes this vital ministry possible. Your contributions enable the Seafarers Center to fulfill its core mission of hospitality to seafarers who visit the Twin Ports of Duluth, MN and Superior, WI.

Your donations help the Seafarers Center visit seafarers while their ships are in port, provide transportation for seafarers to go ashore, help to cover the salaries of staff, and assist in paying for other basic operation costs.

Gifts may be made online, using the link below. You may also send a check to the Seafarers Center. The mailing address is: Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers, P.O. Box 1630, Duluth, Minnesota 55816.

Twin Ports Ministry to Seafarers is an independent non-profit corporation recognized by the IRS as an exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are deductible in accordance with law. Our tax ID # is 23-7296211.

We are grateful for your support! Thank you!

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The Seafarers Center aims to visit every international ship that docks in the Twin Ports. Ship visiting is a way to welcome seafarers and to let them know that they are seen and appreciated. The shipping season usually runs from the beginning of April through the third week of December.

Ship visitors need a valid TWIC card. You will be accompanied on your first visits by someone who has already been visiting ships. Once you are comfortable visiting you will be contacted to go on your own to ships based on your availability.

If interested, contact the Seafarers Center:

From November 1st until the international shipping season ends the Seafarers Center provides every seafarer with a ditty bag.

What goes into a ditty bag?

  • Knit hat
  • Knit scarf or neck warmer
  • Full size bottle of shampoo and/or body wash
  • Full size can of shaving cream
  • Toothpaste and toothbrush
  • Disposable razor or two
  • Deodorant
  • Deck of cars
  • Notepad and pen or pencil
  • Something fun like candy or something else special you decide

How can you contribute?

  • You can make drawstring ditty bags, knit hats or knit scarves
  • You can purchase supplies and drop them off at the Seafarers
  • You can have a ditty bag stuffing gathering at your church or home

How to make at Ditty Bag

  • 12”X36” piece of fabric. Fabric should be cut with pinking shears
    to prevent unraveling of the seams and edges.
  • Use only sturdy cloth. (please do not use pastel or feminine prints.)
  1. Fold material in half lengthwise and stitch side seams twice for added
  2. Fold top down 2” inside bag, turn raw edge under 1/4” and stitch hem
  3. Place another row of stitching 1” above hem, making a heading of
  4. For easy opening and closing insert a 24”-30” shoelace into one
    seam opening
  5. Bring completely around inside casing and exit in same spot. Knot
    ends together.
  6. Repeat in other seam opening with the second shoelace. Shoelaces
    should emerge outside the bag.
  7. NOTE: Finished bag should measure approximately 16” long X 11”

Free clothing is welcomed, not only for seafarers, but also for people in the Lincoln Park community. We especially need winter items (jackets, gloves/mittens, sweaters) for adults and children. If you have items to donate, please send an email to: or call: 218-343-8801

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